SSAGES  0.8.5
Software Suite for Advanced General Ensemble Simulations
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAllOfRequirementRequires that all of a list of Requirements hold
 CAnyOfRequirementRequires that at least one of a list of Requirements hold
 CArrayRequirementArray of Requirements
 CBooleanRequirementRequires json value to be of type Bool
 CDependencyRequirementRequires dependencies to be met
 CEnumRequirementRequires entry to be member of an enum
 CIntegerRequirementRequirements on Integer values
 CNotRequirementRequires a given Requirement to fail
 CNullRequirementRequires value to be of type Null
 CNumberRequirementRequirements on a numeric value
 CObjectRequirementRequirements on an object
 COneOfRequirementRequires exactly one of a list of Requirements to hold
 CRequirementRequirements on input files
 CRequirementLoaderHelper class to load Requirement
 CStringRequirementRequirements on strings
 CABFAdaptive Biasing Force Algorithm
 CAlphaRMSDCVCollective variable to measure alpha helix secondary structure
 CAngleCVCollective variable to calculate angle
 CANNArtificial Neural Network Method
 CAntiBetaRMSDCVCollective variable to measure antiparallel beta secondary structure
 CBasisEvaluatorCalculates the inner product of all the basis functions and the histogram
 CBasisFunctionAbstract class for all BasisFunction inheritance
 CBasisLUTLook-up table for basis functions
 CBFSBasis Function Sampling Algorithm
 CBoxVolumeCVCollective variable on the volume of a box
 CBuildExceptionException to be thrown when building the Driver fails
 CChebyshevDefines the class of Chebyshev polynomials
 CCollectiveVariableAbstract class for a collective variable
 CCVManagerCollective variable manager
 CDirectForwardFluxForwardFlux sampling method
 CElasticBandMulti-walker Elastic Band
 CEventListenerBase abstract class for listening in to events fired by "Hook"
 CFiniteTempStringFinite Temperature Spring Method
 CForwardFluxForwardFlux sampling method
 CFFSConfigIDNested class to store different FFS Config IDs
 CFourierDefines the class of Fourier polynomials
 CGaussianPKGaussian Function
 CGridBasic Grid
 CGridIteratorCustom Iterator
 CGridBaseBase class for Grids
 CGyrationTensorCVCollective variable on components of the gyration tensor
 CHillMultidimensional hill
 CHookBase class for hooks into the simultion engines
 CIncludePluginClass for JSON loader include plugin
 CJSONLoaderClass for loading JSON content from files
 CJSONLoaderPluginAbstract class for JSON loader plugins
 CLegendreDefines the class of Legendre polynomials
 CLoggerBase class for logging SSAGES data
 CMapMap for histogram and coefficients
 CMeta"Vanilla" multi-dimensional Metadynamics
 CMethodInterface for Method implementations
 CMockCVMock collective variable for testing purposes
 CPairwiseCVGeneralized collective variable based on pairwise properties of atoms
 CPairwiseKernelPairwise kernel base class
 CParallelBetaRMSDCVCollective variable to measure parallel beta sheet secondary structure
 CParticleCoordinateCVCollective variable on a particle coordinate
 CParticlePositionCVCollective variable on an particle position
 CParticleSeparationCVCollective variable on the distance between two particles' centers of mass
 CRationalSwitchPKRational Switching Function
 CReadBackboneUtility class to read protein backbone atoms from a reference file
 CReadFileUtility class to read file
 CResourceHandlerClass that handles SSAGES resources for a simulation
 CRMSDCVCollective variable to calculate root mean square displacement
 CRouseModeCVCollective variable is a Rouse mode for a polymer chain comprised of N particle groups
 CSnapshotClass containing a snapshot of the current simulation in time
 CStringMethodString base class for FTS, Swarm, and elastic band
 CSwarmSwarm of Trajectories String Method
 CTorsionalCVCollective variable on the torsion angles
 CUmbrellaUmbrella sampling method