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SSAGES::JSONLoader Class Reference

Class for loading JSON content from files. More...

#include <JSONLoader.h>

Public Member Functions

 JSONLoader ()
 Constructor. More...
Json::Value LoadFile (const std::string &filename, const mxx::comm &world)
 Load file and return JSON tree. More...

Private Attributes

std::vector< std::unique_ptr
< JSONLoaderPlugin > > 
 List of plugins.

Detailed Description

Class for loading JSON content from files.

Definition at line 41 of file JSONLoader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SSAGES::JSONLoader::JSONLoader ( )


The constructer automatically inserts the IncludePlugin into the list of plugins.

Definition at line 53 of file JSONLoader.h.

References plugins_.

53  : plugins_(0)
54  {
55  plugins_.push_back(std::unique_ptr<JSONLoaderPlugin>(new IncludePlugin()));
56  }
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< JSONLoaderPlugin > > plugins_
List of plugins.
Definition: JSONLoader.h:45

Member Function Documentation

Json::Value SSAGES::JSONLoader::LoadFile ( const std::string &  filename,
const mxx::comm &  world 

Load file and return JSON tree.

filenameName of the JSON file to load.
worldMPI global communicator.
JSON Value containing the contents of the file.

This function loads JSON content from a given file. For each plugin in plugins_ the filter defined with this plugin will be applied to the contents loaded from the file.

Definition at line 68 of file JSONLoader.h.

References SSAGES::GetFileContents(), SSAGES::GetFilePath(), and plugins_.

69  {
70  std::string contents, path;
71  if(world.rank() == 0)
72  {
73  contents = GetFileContents(filename.c_str());
74  path = GetFilePath(filename);
75  }
77  mxx::bcast(contents, 0, world);
78  mxx::bcast(path, 0, world);
80  for(auto& plugin : plugins_)
81  plugin->ApplyFilter(contents, path);
83  // Read JSON.
84  Json::Reader reader;
85  Json::Value root;
86  if(!reader.parse(contents, root))
87  throw std::invalid_argument(
88  filename + ": " + reader.getFormattedErrorMessages()
89  );
90  return root;
91  }
std::string GetFilePath(const std::string &str)
Gets file path from filename.
Definition: FileContents.h:73
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< JSONLoaderPlugin > > plugins_
List of plugins.
Definition: JSONLoader.h:45
std::string GetFileContents(const char *filename)
Read contents from a file.
Definition: FileContents.h:47

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