MICCoM Codes


SSAGES Projects

  • A complete list of papers citing SSAGES: Software Suite for Advanced General Ensemble Simulations is available via Google Scholar.
  • H. Sidky and J. K. Whitmer, Learning Free Energy Landscapes Using Aritificial Neural Networks, Mar. 2018
  • H. Sidky and J. K. Whitmer, The Emergent Nematic Phase of Ionic Chromonic Liquid Crystals, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Jun. 2017
  • V. J. Rathee, S. Qu, W. A. Philip, and J. K. Whitmer, A coarse-grained thermodynamic model for the predictive engineering of valence-selective membranes, Molecular Systems Design & Engineering, Aug. 2016  
  • H. Sidky and J. K. Whitmer, Elastic properties of common Gay–Berne nematogens from density of states (DOS) simulations, Liquid Crystals, Jul. 2016  
  • H. Sidky and J. K. Whitmer, Elastic response and phase behavior in binary liquid crystal mixtures, Soft Matter, Apr. 2016  

  • COPSS Projects

  • X. Zhao, J. Li, X. Jiang, D. Karpeev, O. Heinonen, B. Smith, J. P. Hernandez-Ortiz, and J. J. de Pablo, Parallel O(N) Stokes' solver towards scalable Brownian dynaics of hydrodynamically interacting objects in general geometries, Journal of Chemical Physics, Accepted, Jun. 2017
  • X. Jiang, J. Li, X. Zhao, Jian Qin, D. Karpeev, J. P. Hernandez-Ortiz, J. J. de Pablo, and O. Heinonen, An O(N) and parallel approach to integral problems by a kernel-independent fast multipole method: Application to polarization and magnetization of interacting particles, Journal of Chemical Physics, Aug. 2016  

  • DASH Projects